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At ISSP, we view our organization as an interconnected network. We have a common purpose, mission, and values, we know that technology is the physical manifestation of the human will, and we strive for excellence by unlocking the power of people and computer algorithms thinking and acting together.  Please meet some of our leaders, whereas at ISSP we encourage everyone to be pro-active while being responsible and accountable team-player. That's why, at ISSP, everyone out of 60+ employees is sometimes leading, sometimes following, sometimes supporting, as needed for successful fulfillment of our mission, and exceeding expectations of our customers. 

A successful business and social entrepreneur, Oleh has built companies from start-ups to generating annual revenue in the millions for the last two decades. He is an expert in providing leadership and management expertise to companies and teams that develop and deliver professional B2B solutions and services.


Chairman of the Board 

A visionary executive with a strong background in cybersecurity engineering, Roman has been leading ISSP since it was created from scratch in 2008. He has built ISSP as a Team of engineers, subject-matter experts, and managers motivated to focus on customer needs and delivering best-in-class technologies and solutions. 

Chief Executive Officer

Serhiy has been integrating and managing cybersecurity technologies for over 20 years. Originally a student of applied mathematics, Serhiy has since built a career doing what he loves. His broad and deep technical expertise is enhanced by a lifelong learning attitude and passion for efficiency. 

Chief Technical Officer

A 25-year expert in cybersecurity, Oleksiy is specialized in APT detection, reverse engineering, and threat hunting algorithms. His work on numerous compromise assessment projects and investigation of some of the world’s most sophisticated cyber attacks have allowed him to become an internationally recognized cyber threat hunting expert. 

Head of ISSP Labs

Master of science in network security, Serhiy started his career in 2007 as a banking systems security engineer, then worked as a business continuity manager and chief analyst of security systems department of a large international bank. Focused on operational excellence, he is regularly exceeding customer expectations while developing and delivering ISSP SOC services.  

Chief Operations Officer

Artem joined ISSP in 2009 as a part-time technical specialist. In 2012 as a master’s in cybersecurity and bachelor’s in managerial economics graduate, he switched to project management. Passionate about cybersecurity and service quality, he has been delivering outstanding results to ISSP customers across different industries and sectors. 


Enterprise Solutions Director 
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